Latest Technology Voucher Codes – August 2021

If you want to buy a good birthday present for a techie friend, here are some good techie gift ideas for you to try. PC World, Currys and Laptops Direct are all well worth giving a look because they have such a broad range of products and you’d be sure to find something. That’s not to mention that there are lots of PC World voucher codes, Currys discount vouchers and Laptops Direct promo codes which could help to make their products a lot more affordable.

Gift Ideas for Techie Friends from PC World, Currys and More

Below is a selection of the best gift ideas and voucher codes from the most popular technology retailers:


PC World Voucher Codes

PC World Product

Shopping at PC World, you’ll find an enormous range of computer products. Of course there are the obvious choices: who wouldn’t want a new laptop, home computer or tablet? It’s not just these devices either: they also sell printers and other computer accessories. If you check online, you will find that there are loads of PC World voucher codes available which can get you some hefty deals. One particularly appealing is the KIT Universal Micro USB Smartphone charger, which would give anyone the power to charge their phone with their computer!


Currys Promotional Codes

Currys Product

You may have thought that Currys and PC World were now one, but they are still distinct brands and have their own sites which are both worth checking. If you want something but can’t find it on the PC World site, it will almost certainly be on the Currys site. So if there’s a specific gift you have in mind, you know to check both if one doesn’t have it. Much like PC World, keen bargain hunters will be able to find a wealth of Currys promo codes on the internet. Something pretty cool that they sell is the Ultraslim DVD Writer, which provides a disc drive separate from the main computer.


Mesh Discount Vouchers

Mesh Product

Mesh is the business to turn to if you are specifically aiming to buy a new device. Does your friend like video games? If so, then you would really make their day with a brand spanking new gaming PC. One that’s particularly special is the 15.2” GP62 Skylake Plus, which sits on the cutting edge of gaming PCs.


Laptops Direct Discount Codes

Currys Product

Laptops Direct is another one-stop shop for all your computer needs. With models from Acer, Toshiba, Apple and more, they have anything a computer fan could ask for, including computer fans! If you want to give you techie friend an excellent birthday, get them a new computer or a cool accessory for their computer from Laptops Direct. Check online for some good Laptops Direct promotional codes to help make their great deals even greater. One particular suggestion is the Toshiba Business Advantage Laptop Case which is under £20!


So I hope that gives you a good idea of places to look when you need to get a gift for your techie friend. Whether you’re going to go all out and get them a whole new device (like a tablet, PC, laptop or phone) or are just hoping to get them something cool to help make their computer experience even better, one of these businesses should be able to help.


When you search around on the internet, you’ll find that there are loads of active tech voucher codes  for all kinds of things. With these, you’ll realise that it isn’t all that expensive to get gifts for techie friends because there are lots of ways to bring those prices down. If all else fails, you could always just ask them what sorts of things they’d like. So get your friend the perfect birthday present today! Keep checking every day Pugs Voucher Codes for more get deals on techie products.



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