Spotify Make Allegations Against Apple As They Claim Their App Has Been Blocked


Spotify v Apple

It was inevitable that the battle would heat up between these two competitors, Spotify have now accused Apple of blocking their app to diminish the competition.

Once Apple announced the launch of Apple Music a year ago many technology enthusiasts monitored the situation and predicted some fall-outs along the way. Many different music platforms have attempted to test Spotify’s service to no avail but if anyone were likely to give them a run for their money it’d most certainly be Apple. The industry giants continue to dominate many fields and have now decided to attempt a snatch of the crown from the music streaming leaders.


Apple Block Spotify App

Spotify made their legal action public and enabled everyone to have access to their letter of complaint. Their officials openly claimed that Apple set their app regulations to try and disrupt competitors in order to exclude Spotify’s competitive efforts. Since then Apple has hit back expressing their view, they claim that they have made no alterations and that in fact it is Spotify that seek preferential treatment. Currently, Apple take 30% of income from apps and any company that refuses to conform can remove their app from iOS. At this point it’s simply a war of words and heightened tension between the two businesses but it is hard to comprehend whether Apple are using ‘bully boy’ tactics or not. Spotify have also highlighted the multiple advantages the Apple Music app possesses as they only enable their own software to be used during the lock screen and to be controlled via Siri.


Spotify v Apple Music

This fierce competition could be a blessing for many fans as they both try to drive their sales. Spotify have become rather uncomfortable in a market they have dominated for a decade, they are no longer the only platform of streamed music of their kind. Apple Music look to delve deep into the music industry and even showcase their new live music feature, with that said- Spotify’s auto-generated playlist has been favoured by many of the music enthusiasts.

Both apps have a price of £9.99 a month with different free options. Apple have a free three month trial whilst Spotify boast a free tier that offers a limited time of music but this means you must listen to advertisements too.

The two similar programs will continue to compete and it will be interesting to see if Apple can retain the stir they seem to have caused.

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