Microsoft Compensate $10,000 After A Window’s 10 Update Went Wrong


Microsoft has reached an agreement to pay out $10,000 (£7,500) to a woman who was left with an unusable device after windows 10 update attempt.


Windows 10

 The technology giant took responsibility for their failed software update effort. Teri Goldstein claimed that her Windows 7 computer automatically tried to update itself to Windows 10 only to leave her work computer completely unusable. The business owner was left with an unstable computer and meant that she could no longer run her business from it.

Microsoft has been aggressively pushing their latest software onto Windows 7 and Windows 8 users with many machines carrying out an automatic update. Some consumers have even claimed that the company have tried to trick them into downloading the latest version.

The Californian lady told The Seattle Times how she had never even heard of Windows 10 and wasn’t asked to make an update. Despite not agreeing to Windows 10 she found her computer attempt the update only for it to completely fail and then have her software back to crawling she then received no help. Her cry for help was overlooked and her business activity on that device had to stop which meant it cost money too. Microsoft said they had dropped their appeal to save legal costs. From February Windows 10 was a recommended update that meant it would install automatically unless blocked by the user.

Why Are Some Consumers Not Updating

You’d be excused for assuming that most people would jump at the chance of an upgrade but the past has proved that the newer software versions aren’t always an ‘upgrade’. It takes many companies a while to master their changes and fix bugs. But computer users have already voiced their concerns over Windows 10 as it is unable to host some of the old hardware plus other consumers refuse to activate the tracking features that coincide with the latest edition.

Windows 10

  • Windows 10 boasts universal apps opposed to Windows 8 metro apps, this means you can run apps from your desktop.
  • They have now made security improvements too.
  • It has a familiar desktop and has notifications.
  • You can enable the tablet mode to make it user friendly

Despite the new additions and modifications it is quite evident that it is not for everyone and their pushy ways of promoting the software and trying to get users to stay updated have certainly backfired. Their upgrading prompts and little help to resolve the situation once their software update went wayward were non existent. This $10,000 hit will surely have the team at Microsoft thinking carefully about their next moves.


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