Keep Up With the Latest Models from HP Portable Universe and Others


Keep Up With the Latest Models from HP, Portable Universe and Others


If you want to keep up in the computer world, here are four businesses to keep your eye on. With technology advancing all the time, things become obsolete in a matter of months. To make sure you’ve got all the latest gear, so you can keep up with your tech hobbies, check out the businesses which can keep you up to date.


Portable Universe

Portable Universe logo

They’re, perhaps, not the first business you’ll think of when it comes to buying a computer, but their range of products is so impressive that they are well worth a look. Whether you’re after budget laptops or are hoping to get the most high end pieces of technology currently available, Portable Universe will have you covered. Whether you prefer PCs or Macs, Portable Universe offer both and they also offer some of the best prices on both of these too! It’s also worth looking out for some Portable Universe voucher codes, as these will be able to get you some excellent reductions.


HP (Hewlett Packard)

HP logo

But if you prefer to go for a more mainstream choice of computer retailer, what about HP? They’re a very well known and respected business and they offer all of the latest desktop and laptop models. Whether you’re after laptops, PCs, tablets, monitors, printers or anything else like that, you can bet HP will have what you need. It’s also worth having a look around online to see if you can find some HP promotional codes, because they can get you money off some of your favourite computer models.



MyMemory logo

As time goes by, computer memories seem to get bigger. It makes sense because the file sizes of the latest pieces of  software and entertainment also seem to be growing. But it’s always nice to have a huge hard drive, because it’s just so convenient to everything you need saved in one place. MyMemory specialise in memory cards, micro SD cards, SD cards and other forms of digital memory, but they also have a large collection of other computer accessories too, which will come in handy. Again, before you look into them, you should have a look for any MyMemory promo codes available online.



Kaspersky logo

A lot of people don’t keep their computers secure and it’s pretty shocking. If you buy a new laptop but don’t take the appropriate steps to ensure the security of your computer, what guarantee is there that that computer will last more than a few weeks before being rendered unusable by a debilitating virus? I’m sure I don’t really need to say it, but, it’s surprising to see how many people don’t really bother to do much in the way of computer security. Kaspersky offer anti-virus and loads of other pieces of computer security software too, so are well worth taking a look at if you want to keep your computer secure. Once gain, be sure to be on the look out for Kaspersky coupon codes online before going for anything, as you might still be able to get some savings.


So keep these businesses in mind for all of your latest cutting edge computer needs! If you’re a bit of a computer expert, you’ll soon find yourself falling behind if you don’t make yourself familiar with all the latest pieces of technology. Keep checking Pugs Voucher Codes for all the latest tech articles and info.



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