iPhone’s Missing Headphone Socket Sparks Anger From Fans


iPhone 7 Socket

Apple are allegedly making some big changes to their new emergence as they eliminate the headphone socket from their yet-to-be released handset. The latest iPhone 7 speculation fuelled anger from technology enthusiasts with more than 300,000 taking to a petition.


Although the news has neither been confirmed nor denied there are strong rumours surfacing about the lack of a headphone socket on the latest handset. The new release was dubbed to be the king of the industry as all Apple’s products seem to be but this latest news has caused a stir.


The Background Of The Headphone Jack

  • The first purpose of a quarter-inch jack was at a telephone switchboard to connect calls
  • The classic quarter-inch jack was replaced by the 3.5mm which many are familiar with today
  • The first headsets were called telephones until eventually being labelled headphones

The bemusement Of Apple’s decision

Although many are still awaiting an official announcement on the soon-to be released model of the iPhone, a huge amount of loyal Apple fans have displayed their disdain at the possibility of the phone not containing a headphone socket. Potential problems have already been highlighted, as customers would have to throw away expensive headphones they have already bought specifically to coincide with their apple music or downloaded iTunes. It would mean many customers would have to start again and pay money out for a second time. Apple officials have claimed that the non-inclusion of the socket would be a positive thing, as it would enable more room for a bigger battery, it’d be thinner and also more waterproof. The Fast Company reported Apple would rely on the lightning port for the sound output, which would obviously interfere with charging. This would mean that consumers will not be able to listen to music and charge their phone.

History Repeats Itself

Apple is renowned for making bold statements as well as taking controversial actions. Often their approach is genius and their leading figures would be enough to portray that- to continually progress and enjoy their realm of the technology industry they are compelled to make changes. They have already made huge transformations to their devices in the past including scrapping the CD/DVD drive on their Macbooks, removing the USB port and floppy disc drives but this has never stalled their reigning success. They’re evidently not shy to enduring the painful period in order to make cutting-edge technology, this transition could be for the better. But many customers will still hold anguish towards the change of the charger port made in 2012. Loyal brand users would have forked out for speakers, docking stations, spare chargers and more for the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 but the next model completely changed the charger meaning that customers would need to buy adaptors to make any of their old accessories useful. Could they once again disregard customer’s requests and make a gigantic modification sure to cost many people who have already paid big money on expensive headphones.

A New Era

The change could mean some innovative changes as everyone would be able to sport wireless headphones or enjoy high quality from the lightning port. Another option could be to take to Bluetooth headphones that have already proved popular. As times continue to evolve it seems that wires are being ditched and consumers no longer need to worry about untangling their endless knots.

Many will await the news from Apple before taking it as gospel and of course it will be interesting to see how the retailing giants react to the 300,000 that have actively gone out of their way to halt their plans.

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