How Technology Can Keep Kids both Entertained & Educated


Being a parent can be tiring and time-consuming. So in order to make your life just that little bit easier, it might be worth bringing a bit of tech into the home. In addition to making your life easier, the right tech can keep your kids entertained as well as helping them to learn and get to grips with modern technology. There’s no doubt that we’re living in a highly-digitised world, and it’s only going to grow as your children grow too. So what is out there tech-wise than can make a difference for you and your families’ lives?

Monitoring the Situation

Everything seems to have a screen on it these days, and baby monitors are no different. Whilst conventional audio monitors were and are still useful, having a video baby monitor can add ultimate peace of mind when you leave the baby in the other room. Whilst they aren’t cheap, they aren’t inexpensive either, and if you plan on having more than one child, it can be a suitable investment. If you want to take a look at how each one compares, then check out these reviews from the trusted source of ‘Which?’. And if the prices are still a bit of concern, then don’t worry, Pugscode is here to help. We bring together all the best tech codes from a whole range of retailers, doing the work of finding the best deals for you so you can spend time doing the things that really matter to you, like caring for your children.

Take a Tablet

It might be something that you resist at first, but tablet computers like the Apple iPad, Microsoft’s Surface Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Tab can be useful tools to help your child learn through play, as well as doubling up as a distraction tool for them on long car journeys or rainy weekends. Whilst there are some apps out there that are purely designed to keep kids addicted to playing certain big, popular games (naming no names, Fortnite), there are still a good number which have been specifically designed with kids in mind. Just take a look at these four apps from Cbeebies which will keep them entertained whilst learning them a thing or two.

Pinna Your Hopes On This

And it’s not just the Cbeebies apps that can keep kids entertained. With a whole raft of apps out there, it’s important that you pick the right ones. Well getting your kids into audiobooks, podcasts and music is a great way of keeping them busy, whilst knowing everything will be safe and age appropriate. Well that’s what Pinna offers. They have a vast library of audio goodness, including such audiobooks as Captain Underpants, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and original podcasts like the Totally Unauthorized Minecraft Fan Show. Having things audio-only means there is a reduced amount of screen time and it will introduce your children into the wonderful world of audio entertainment.

A Bit of Jiobit

Letting your kids leave the house to play with their friends is always an unnerving experience. These days you can give them a cheap mobile phone and send them on their way, but there’s no way of knowing where they are, and no guarantee of an answer when you do ring their phone. However, by using the latest advancement, you can keep a closer track whilst at the same time keeping your distance. The Jiobit is a tracker which was recently the winner of the Baby Health & Safety category at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as well as being recommended by Wired and PC Magazine. So what is it, and what does it do?

Well basically, it’s a GPS tracker you can clip onto their trousers and track through your phone. As well as that, you can get notifications for when they reach certain destinations, as well as telling you where they’ve been, and if his friends also have Jiobit, who they’re with. Take a closer look at what you can do with it in this review from Fatherly.

So there you have it. Just a few ways you can incorporate tech into the home in a safe, smart and healthy manner. Technology does get a bad wrap, but as you can see it’s not all TVs, games consoles and mobile phones – there’s so much more you can do. So why not give one of these a try?

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