How Tech Improved My Life


I used to be that person who would always be behind the times. I wouldn’t never have the latest phone, the coolest clothes or the newest video games. It felt like, for the whole of my life, I was lagging behind. It wasn’t great because I was missing out on life experiences and job opportunities because of my reluctance to make myself digital and have up to date technology. However, I recently decided that I wasn’t going to come second place any more. I slowly invested in tech which has helped to change my life for the better. So I’m going to tell you how that happened.

But first, a site that really helped me throughout this process was when I started working for Pugscode. They have a whole host of discount codes on their website for everything techy. So not only was I saving a good deal of money with those codes, I was also finding out new recommendations for the latest gadgets and useful appliances. So how did tech improve my life exactly? Well I’ll tell you.

Getting A Laptop

Genuinely, this is how far behind I was. I didn’t have a computer of my own at home. Until recently I was going to the library and using the computers there for any digital stuff I needed to do. Everything before such as banking and bills, I did with paper, in person or over the phone. One thing that convinced me to invest in a good laptop was the benefit on what going paperless would mean for the environment. Less post equals less wastage, and so things like my gas and electricity, my water bill and my TV license are digital now. Also being able to connect to the internet at home means I can search for things more regularly and also have more time to watch silly YouTube videos like this

Upgrading My TV Setup

My TV was tuned to accept Freeview, but that’s probably when the upgrading stopped. I’ve never been one for Sky or any of the other TV stuff. I don’t really watch too much TV anyway, only during the evenings when there’s plenty on really. However, I didn’t have an HD TV. I know that’s the standard now, and has probably been for a few years, but the picture quality suited me fine. However, since I upgraded to a new LG HD screen, I’ve noticed just what I’m missing out on. The picture is crystal clear and the sound is much better too. I still have Freeview and have no real desire to upgrade that. But with having a ‘smart’ TV it means I can watch BBC iPlayer on it. So if I’ve missed shows, like I sometimes do, I can go back and watch them at my own convenience. I know you’re probably reading this thinking catch up TV has been around for years. But when you’ve been relying on ‘as live’ programming for all these years it’s a relief to have.

Getting A Games Console

Now, I did use to own one of these before, and it was the first time I was at least on par with the crowd. In the mid 00s I had an original Xbox and had a few games on it like Halo 2, Project Gotham Racing and Star Wars Battlefront. I was relatively young at the time and did enjoy playing on it, but when all the new models started coming out that’s when things passed me by and when work took over in a big way. I blinked and before you knew it they were releasing the Nintendo Switch and announcing details for the PS5.

However, after getting my TV upgrade, I wanted to see how far along games had come. As it turns out, a long way. Because one of my favourites before was Star Wars Battlefront, I decided to give the two EA Battlefront games a go. The first one doesn’t have a lot on it, but the graphics are good. The second one is much better though. A lot more characters, a lot more levels and a good story mode too. Because I had an Xbox before I went for an Xbox One this time, which meant I couldn’t play that Spider-Man game which is a shame but I could have a go on Forza Horizon 4. Which apparently the best current racing game just like Project Gotham Racing was back in the day. The open world nature of it all fascinated me, and if you compare that to what early racing games were like, then you can definitely see that game developers have come on leaps and bounds over the years.

So to summarise….

So all in all, these tech upgrades helped improve my life by making me feel more connected and more fulfilled when it comes to enjoying entertainment. I still have a way to go though, as my phone isn’t a very good one, so that might be the thing to change next. Let’s see what the future holds.

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