How and Why to Buy a Domain


Buying a new domain is a really important step, but you might not be sure about where to buy your domain. In this article I’d like to explain the benefits of getting your own domain and also draw your attention to some of the places you can turn to when you do want to buy one.



Why Buy a Domain?

Buying a domain has a lot of benefits. The first and most obvious benefit of a domain is that it makes any website more professional. Having www.[yourwebsite].com looks a lot more professional than www.[yourwebsite], for example.


Owning a domain is also good for SEO purposes as it helps search engines to identify your website as something more substantial than a freely made site, which anybody could make. Freely made sites are more likely to have been made by scammers.


Finally, it’s good to buy your domain as soon as you can afford to do so, because it would be a real shame not to own a domain and then find that somebody else had purchased the domain you’d want in the meantime!


Where to Buy a Domain


There are lots of places to turn to if you want to buy a domain, and here are a few of the popular choices:

  • GoDaddy: They are the world’s largest domain name registrar. So many people can’t be wrong.
  • 123-Reg: 123-Reg are the people to turn to if you not only want to buy a domain, but if you want to create a website too.
  • WebHhosting UK: A UK based service which also has options which can keep you safe from things like domain theft.
  • Eco Hosting: This is the website to turn to if you’re limited by a strict budget. Not only are these an especially cost-effective choice, but they try hard to be eco-friendly too.


How to Set up a Domain

What you need to do to set up your domain will be different depending on which service you use to buy your domain and what you used to create your website, so any guidance will have to be vague. Here is a simple step by step guide, though remember things may be different for you.

  1. First you need to edit the DNS settings so that they point to the IP address of your server.
  2. Second you need to go to your CNAME Record and enter the current URL of your site.
  3. Then you just need to save your settings and wait, which sometimes can take up to 48-hours.

Hopefully you’ll be able to fill in the blanks when it comes to the differences between services. If this guide is a little too unspecific for you, then you should have a look around online, as you are bound to find specific guides for the host you use. It shouldn’t be too hard for programmers and people who are more technically oriented.


So I hope that’s a useful guide for you when setting up your domain. Check Pugs Voucher Codes

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