Hardware Specs for Upcoming Game Consoles


Gamers were treated to a flurry of astounding announcements recently as Microsoft revealed they will release two new consoles by 2017, Nintendo will be treating us to the NX and Sony told the public about their launch of the PS4 Neo.

Many console enthusiasts have been overwhelmed with the recent news and it’s becoming increasingly tough to choose between the ever-improving machines, but no-doubt there will be plenty of loyal fans that will stick to their guns and stay true to either the PlayStation or Xbox. With that said, the latest Nintendo should not be overlooked either and often fans of both Sony and Microsoft indulge in some of the classics of Nintendo.


What’s The News?

Sony executives treated fans with the news of the PS4 Neo, before revealing that an upgrade of the PS4 will emerge in 2017. It didn’t take long until Microsoft bestowed their intentions for improvement with the launch of not one but two new consoles. The first version will be a more compact edition of the Xbox One with a new controller and a 4k Blu-ray player. Nintendo took to E3 with the news of the NX that will be available to purchase in March 2017.


Console Improvements


SonyPlayStation 4 Neo

  • PS4 Neo is also known as the PS4.5 and will be bringing upgrades to their hardware specs to ensure greater graphics.
  • It has a clock speed of 2.1GHz vs the old speed of 1.6GHz.
  • The old PS4 ran on 800MHz whilst the newer PS4.5 runs on 36 components and 911 MHz also using GDDR5.
  • 4K resolution support hence the alternative PS4 Moniker (none 4K games will be upscaled so there is no worry there either).
  • Runs faster with fewer framerate tears.
  • No games will be exclusive to this new console, so games can be played on both PS4 and PS4 Neo
  • The inclusion of PSVR


MicrosoftX- Box One Slim

  • The X Box One S is the version coming out this year.
  • Now supports 4K for Blu-ray.
  • Processing power has been boosted.
  • One controller is included despite previous reports.
  • It sports a sleek design and is 40% smaller than the original X Box One.
  • It has compact built in power supply meaning you no longer have that bulky power supply.
  • High dynamic range support for all Blu-rays.


X Box Scorpio

  • The new edition being brought to us in 2017.
  • Will have an 8 core CPU.
  • The Nvidia GEForce GTX 1070 has a graphics card with 6TFLOPs.
  • It’ll also have 320gb/s of memory bandwidth.
  • Will upscale games to 4k like the PS4 Neo.
  • This console is made for VR.


NintendoNintendo NX

  • Will be released in March 2017.
  • Have re-released a version of Zelda.
  • Less buttons and a different design.
  • Their representatives have expressed that they concentrate more on entertainment than solely on specs and much of the console has been left to our imagination.


X-Box, PlayStation or Nintendo?

Many gaming advocates will be left torn between the three after the recent news. It’s certainly a lot to digest in one sitting and many may wish to browse through the different specs and game releases before committing. One thing is for certain, they are all improving and will be making huge upgrades to the current generation of their consoles. X-Box made two announcements with the Scorpio being released in 2017 and it seems evident that it’s that console that will be going head to head with the PS4.5/Neo whilst the X-Box sleeker version being released soon is a new design with a slightly higher-powered processor too. Nintendo NX are yet to reveal much as they unveiled their latest console, but there’s already been great reviews from those that attended E3 with many applauding the work they have done to a timeless classic in Zelda.

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