Flash Player is Dead, but Adobe Investors Shouldn’t Even Mourn It


For the past six years Adobe Flash Player has been dying a slow death and to no shock of the owners, they look to have had their day.

Apple produced their fate many years ago when they withdrew from using the Flash Player on some of their devices and now Google have confirmed what we already knew would happen by updating and changing their software and internet browser- Google Chrome.


Software Graveyard

Apple v Flash Player

Technology geeks have been intrigued about the on-going debate between Apple and Flash Player for some years, in fact those ‘in-the-know’ may have seen this day coming over six years ago. In this time there have been a number of times representatives have spoke out against one another. Flash Player claimed that Apple were a closed system and in so many words were accusing the brand giants of monopolising certain aspects of modern technology. It didn’t take long for them to bait a response from Steve Jobs and his team at the time as he listed several reasons that it no longer made sense for the software to be used on iPhones, iPads and iPods. There were more than just a few legit reasons as he expressed that the software and coding struggles to keep up the speed and the lack of updates or modernisation means it is falling behind. When considering the Internet and numerous video sources that people now use on a daily basis it just couldn’t keep up. The legendary Steve Jobs went on to conclude that Flash Player was for the PC era and is no longer needed.


Reasons Flash Player Has No Future

It’s a new domain and one their old versions can no longer sustain. The game has changed and there are many reasons that Adobe can no longer run the software for videos on many devices. They are simply not fast enough, drain battery and don’t work well with many different formats and sources.


Computer Man


Google Ended Their Run

As continuous developments are made on a daily basis when it comes to technology, the Internet and multiple devices, it was always obvious that eventually the final nail would be put in the coffin. It just so happened that it was Google that carried it out. How did they do this? Well, they changed the format of the Google Chrome browser meaning they no longer utilise Flash Player. This is huge because Chrome last year was announced as the most-used browser, trumping Internet Explorer to the top.

Investors and owners of Flash Player accepted their destiny with this bloody suffering and have the realisation that their energy should be focused elsewhere. Google have sealed their fate and now many consumers may have noticed just the odd security update with little else happening with Flash Player. It’s not time to mourn the death of this once influential software as it had its time and many may have seen this coming.

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