3 Gadgets That’ll Help Your Workflow (And 2 That Won’t)

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It can make our lives easier and make us more focused at work and more creative in our endeavours. However, technology can be a hindrance in equal measure. With everything useful there’s usually something else that’s been created explicitly to waste time. So what’s out there to improve your workflow? And what’s out there that could distract you? Let’s find out.

Wacom Graphics Tablets

If you’re an artist, then this will really improve your productivity. With everything going digital now, sometimes it can be a bit of a faff drawing everything manually, then scanning it in, uploading it to a graphics editor, re-touch lines and colouring it. Working straight from a graphics tablet can help you cut out the middleman and go direct to the source. By hand-drawing direct to your computer, it means you have a great range of customisation as everything would be a vector graphic set in different layers, instead of a flat scanned image. There are a huge range of graphics tablets out there to suit all needs and budgets, and they are available at places such as Currys-PC World. And if you wanted to get your hands on one for less, then you can’t do much better than visiting Promo Codes For. They have a whole host of discount vouchers for retailers like Currys-PC World, as well as Laptops Direct and Apple, so you can get better value on all your tech products.

The Freewrite Traveler

If you’re a writer then there’s a good chance you’ve probably needed one of these before. A Freewrite Traveler is basically a mini laptop with a small screen, but it only allows you to do one thing: type. It is marketed as a ‘distraction-free’ writer’s device, which is useful for when you have a tight deadline or want to get on with mashing the keyboard with your words without having the means to access Facebook, Twitter or your emails on the regular. Currently in its IndieGoGo phase, the product has attracted over £500,000 worth of interest so far, so it’s certainly a tool than many writers think they’ll find useful. Check it out for yourself.

The Google Stadia

Because Google looked at the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch and went ‘nah’, they’ve decided to create the Google Stadia, a cloud gaming service. Launching in November, the platform won’t have any physical console but will be available through Google Chrome, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and Chromecast. Whilst being entirely digital, Stadia will work like the PS Store rather than something like Netflix, in the sense that you’ll have to purchase each individual item rather than paying a subscription fee to have access to everything. There will be a basic free plan available, but also there is a premium $10 a month service where you have higher streaming rates, discounts for some games, and a library of free games that will grow over time.

So what games will be available? Well on initial release there will be some titles that have already been released on other platforms such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Mortal Kombat 11, and in the pipeline there’ll be titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel’s Avengers, both due out in mid-2020.

Ultimate Quizzes

Have your headphones in? Good, you’re going to need them. If you’re looking for the ultimate distraction from work, then why not stretch your film music knowledge by playing the Movie Music Quiz? Choose between a number of different difficulty modes, genres and decades to make it as hard or as easy as you like. However, if you’re more of a geography bod, test your knowledge on the world’s countries, cities and flags with Seterra Online.

So now you have the choice. Do you choose productivity or procrastination? The choice is yours.

Sport the Odd One Out: What Sports Have Successfully Made it onto Consoles?

The sporting world is a billion-dollar industry. Just take a look at how much footballers earn, how much money is in Formula 1 and how much the top tennis stars can make per tournament. The gaming industry can also be lucrative, if you make the right games. Sports titles are a great way for both sports to cash in on their brand as well as making developers loads of money, but not every sport has successfully transferred themselves to the digital medium. So who have succeeded and who have failed? Let’s find out.

Forza FIFA

Well the FIFA series the obvious one, isn’t it? It’s hardly surprising that the world’s most popular sport also takes the crown (albeit unofficially) as the world’s most popular sporting game franchise. Released every year, EA Sports have so far released 35 titles spanning 25, and they’re set to make it 36 in 26 with the release of FIFA 20, the latest in the line, towards the end of September.

Along with football games, racing titles have been a mainstay of the gaming world. Most of them aren’t translated literally from the motorsports on TV, but do feature real cars and real tracks. The ever-popular Forza games are the go-to for Xbox users, with Forza Horizon 4 being the latest console title in the series. And if you’re a fan of the games, find out how you can get Forza Motorsport 6 for free.

Formula 1 seem to release a game every year now, with F1 2019 being the latest in the long line of games emulating the high-performance motorsport. So far there have been eleven F! Games released by developer Codemasters, starting with F1 2009 in, you guessed it, 2009. But despite all the millions in Formula 1, you may not be so fortunate to have that much money. However, you what you have you’ll want to make it go as far as possible, without having to sacrifice buying the latest gaming titles. However, thanks to Pugs Code, you can get what you love for much, much less. They have codes from retailers like 365 Games as well as Argos and Zavvi, so it’s not just gaming you could be saving on.

Failed to Score

But despite the numerous successes, there have been many sports titles that have failed to hit the mark. The world of cricket has featured a few hit-or-miss games, with no title being good enough to earn a regular annual released like the FIFA or F1 games. Cricket 19, released this summer, covers the ongoing Ashes series as well as all test nations and all formats of the international game. The graphics on it, however, look outdated, but the game as a whole was praised by IGN. The mixed reviews, however, are nowhere near the criticism that one cricket game from a few years ago received. Ashes Cricket 13 was due to be the official game of the Ashes series taking place in the same year. It was initially available on Steam for Windows users to play, however it was lambasted for its plethora of bugs and woeful game play. Judge here for yourself to see if you agree. Only a week after it was released, the developers 505 Games said they had cancelled the release scheduled for consoles and refunded everyone who bought the game on Steam.

Now skiing isn’t something you would think of when it comes to creating a sporting video game, but that’s what Ubisoft Annecy were thinking of when putting together their 2016 game Steep. Set in the Alps, the game features all kinds of sports such as snowboarding, paragliding and wingsuit flying. Addons to the game featured sledding, base jumping and speed riding. The game itself gained mixed reviews, with it being praised for its graphics and open world nature, whilst also being derided for its lack of direction and reliance on multiplayer online gameplay. Despite the huge number of DLC packs the game later incorporated, there are currently no plans to develop a sequel, giving snow sports fans only a taste of what’s possible when non-mainstream sports are given their time to shine in the huge market of video games.

What You Need to Know About Smart Homes

There is a difference between owning a house and owning a home. The effort that you put into making your house better and conducive for you is what makes it a home. While many think that smart homes require a fortune to come up with, here are our top tips on what you need to know about smart homes;

A conducive home environment

The home environment can create a positive or negative first impression on your visitor. As a homeowner, always strive to make your home as favorable as possible. It can be as simple as taking advantage of home fragrances to give it the ambiance that makes you long for this space after every long working day. There is a lot to explore when it comes to home fragrances; candles, sticks, home diffusers, and sprays. Always choose a scent that blends in well with the season.

Security systems

Security should be a top priority. Every smart homeowner knows the benefits of being in the know in terms of technology and home security. Take advantage of the high tech services available at the Argos and Currys retailers. Currys retailers have the best rates on smart security and CCTV, and these apply to both purchase, installation and repair services.  Get up to 30% off shopping smart security and CCTV with Promo Codes For. Some top smart security features to consider include; cameras and alarms.


As the saying goes, work without play makes Jack a dull a boy. Invest in smart entertainment and make your home the ultimate relaxation atmosphere. Smart entertainment cuts across many smart devices including; television, home theatre, computer games, video games, automated devices such as drones, and so much more. You never miss out on a good deal with Promo Codes For.

Home appliances

The home appliances you purchase for your home should be energy saving. Saving energy is part of what technology is trying to achieve worldwide. Therefore, get all the necessary home appliances and make your day to day life easy. They could be small home appliances such as kettles, blenders, toasters to large home appliances such as freestanding cookers, fridges, among others. Always watch out for the energy saving label.


What is your ideal home environment? Lighting plays a vital role in the home. Invest in good lighting options and apply AI. It could be anything from automated lighting when it gets to a particular time or the use of voice control. Besides, you can choose to do this for every room in the household or each room on its own. Alternatively, you can opt for automatic lighting whenever a person approaches the corridors as this also helps save energy.

Ideal furniture

Lastly, invest in quality furniture according to your spaces. Habitat, Laura Ashley and the White Company stores have incredible deals in the home furniture you do not want to miss out on.  Shop by room and turn your smart home into your dream home.

Joy-Con Drift on the New Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite was released earlier this week offering a cheaper alternative to the original console, but it is already running into some problems. There have been several reports of people’s Joy-Cons starting to drift and seeing as the console has been out less than a week this is very concerning. 

What is Joy-Con Drift?

Joy-Con drift is where the controller registers movement from the joystick without it being touched. This can be extremely detrimental to your gameplay as it will cause your characters to start moving around by themselves. The cause of this is that the pin which connects the joystick to the motherboard slowly wears away, causing discrepancies in the input.

Nintendo is aware of this issue and they have been repairing models experiencing this issue for free even if it is outside of warranty. It does beg the question however why are they releasing products that they know have a fault? Although this issue isn’t happening to every Switch Lite model they have only been in the public’s hands for a few weeks, it is therefore likely that issue will increase over time as more of the consoles become worn. What makes Joy-Con drift a major problem for the Switch Lite is that the joy-cons are not detachable, unlike its predecessor. This means that if one of your Joy-Cons starts to drift then you will have to get the whole unit repaired, as opposed to just swapping out the faulty Joy-Con. 

How To Identify Joy-Con Drift

There are a couple of ways you can identify if your console is suffering from Joy-Con drift. The first is that you may notice your characters are moving without being told to in-game or the camera slowly starts panning. Although these may be quite subtle to start with it will increase over time to become more noticeable. You can see the effects of this in Alexis Javier’s video below.

The second method you can use to identify if you have Joy-Con drift is to use the control stick calibration. Once you reach the calibration page you will notice that the purple circle will slowly start to move by itself in one direction. If this happens then it is more than likely that you have a defective Joy-Con.

Joy-Con Drift Gif

What if you Already own a Nintendo Switch Lite? 

If you already own a Nintendo Switch Lite and you encounter Joy-Con drift then you have a couple of options. The first of which is to use your warranty and send your Switch back to Nintendo to get repaired. It is possible to repair it yourself but this is a very complex process. To prevent further damage being done to your console it is recommended that you avoid doing this. 

Before you contact Nintendo it is worth trying to recalibrate your Nintendo Switch. To do this you need to go to ‘System Settings’ and then click on ‘Controllers and Sensors’.  From here scroll down to ‘Update Controllers’ and once it has finished you can click on ‘recalibrate your controllers’. Your console will then ask you to perform certain actions with the joysticks. This should resolve any underlying issues it may have been having. If this still does not solve the problem then you will need to get in contact with Nintendo.

Still Looking to buy a Nintendo Switch?

If you are looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch then it is probably worth avoiding buying the Lite until Nintendo rolls out a permanent fix for this recurring problem. If you really want to buy a Switch then consider buying the original console. It’s not even that much more expensive than the Lite if you use one of these Zavvi voucher codes. Although it is slightly more expensive, it offers more features and its detachable Joy-Cons means that it will be much easier to repair if it does start to drift. If you would like to know more about the key differences in the consoles then you can look at the image below or read the full article here

Nintendo Switch Comparison

Microsoft Compensate $10,000 After A Window’s 10 Update Went Wrong

Microsoft has reached an agreement to pay out $10,000 (£7,500) to a woman who was left with an unusable device after windows 10 update attempt.


Windows 10

 The technology giant took responsibility for their failed software update effort. Teri Goldstein claimed that her Windows 7 computer automatically tried to update itself to Windows 10 only to leave her work computer completely unusable. The business owner was left with an unstable computer and meant that she could no longer run her business from it.

Microsoft has been aggressively pushing their latest software onto Windows 7 and Windows 8 users with many machines carrying out an automatic update. Some consumers have even claimed that the company have tried to trick them into downloading the latest version.

The Californian lady told The Seattle Times how she had never even heard of Windows 10 and wasn’t asked to make an update. Despite not agreeing to Windows 10 she found her computer attempt the update only for it to completely fail and then have her software back to crawling she then received no help. Her cry for help was overlooked and her business activity on that device had to stop which meant it cost money too. Microsoft said they had dropped their appeal to save legal costs. From February Windows 10 was a recommended update that meant it would install automatically unless blocked by the user.

Why Are Some Consumers Not Updating

You’d be excused for assuming that most people would jump at the chance of an upgrade but the past has proved that the newer software versions aren’t always an ‘upgrade’. It takes many companies a while to master their changes and fix bugs. But computer users have already voiced their concerns over Windows 10 as it is unable to host some of the old hardware plus other consumers refuse to activate the tracking features that coincide with the latest edition.

Windows 10

  • Windows 10 boasts universal apps opposed to Windows 8 metro apps, this means you can run apps from your desktop.
  • They have now made security improvements too.
  • It has a familiar desktop and has notifications.
  • You can enable the tablet mode to make it user friendly

Despite the new additions and modifications it is quite evident that it is not for everyone and their pushy ways of promoting the software and trying to get users to stay updated have certainly backfired. Their upgrading prompts and little help to resolve the situation once their software update went wayward were non existent. This $10,000 hit will surely have the team at Microsoft thinking carefully about their next moves.


Spotify Make Allegations Against Apple As They Claim Their App Has Been Blocked

Spotify v Apple

It was inevitable that the battle would heat up between these two competitors, Spotify have now accused Apple of blocking their app to diminish the competition.

Once Apple announced the launch of Apple Music a year ago many technology enthusiasts monitored the situation and predicted some fall-outs along the way. Many different music platforms have attempted to test Spotify’s service to no avail but if anyone were likely to give them a run for their money it’d most certainly be Apple. The industry giants continue to dominate many fields and have now decided to attempt a snatch of the crown from the music streaming leaders.


Apple Block Spotify App

Spotify made their legal action public and enabled everyone to have access to their letter of complaint. Their officials openly claimed that Apple set their app regulations to try and disrupt competitors in order to exclude Spotify’s competitive efforts. Since then Apple has hit back expressing their view, they claim that they have made no alterations and that in fact it is Spotify that seek preferential treatment. Currently, Apple take 30% of income from apps and any company that refuses to conform can remove their app from iOS. At this point it’s simply a war of words and heightened tension between the two businesses but it is hard to comprehend whether Apple are using ‘bully boy’ tactics or not. Spotify have also highlighted the multiple advantages the Apple Music app possesses as they only enable their own software to be used during the lock screen and to be controlled via Siri.


Spotify v Apple Music

This fierce competition could be a blessing for many fans as they both try to drive their sales. Spotify have become rather uncomfortable in a market they have dominated for a decade, they are no longer the only platform of streamed music of their kind. Apple Music look to delve deep into the music industry and even showcase their new live music feature, with that said- Spotify’s auto-generated playlist has been favoured by many of the music enthusiasts.

Both apps have a price of £9.99 a month with different free options. Apple have a free three month trial whilst Spotify boast a free tier that offers a limited time of music but this means you must listen to advertisements too.

The two similar programs will continue to compete and it will be interesting to see if Apple can retain the stir they seem to have caused.

iPhone’s Missing Headphone Socket Sparks Anger From Fans

iPhone 7 Socket

Apple are allegedly making some big changes to their new emergence as they eliminate the headphone socket from their yet-to-be released handset. The latest iPhone 7 speculation fuelled anger from technology enthusiasts with more than 300,000 taking to a petition.


Although the news has neither been confirmed nor denied there are strong rumours surfacing about the lack of a headphone socket on the latest handset. The new release was dubbed to be the king of the industry as all Apple’s products seem to be but this latest news has caused a stir.


The Background Of The Headphone Jack

  • The first purpose of a quarter-inch jack was at a telephone switchboard to connect calls
  • The classic quarter-inch jack was replaced by the 3.5mm which many are familiar with today
  • The first headsets were called telephones until eventually being labelled headphones

The bemusement Of Apple’s decision

Although many are still awaiting an official announcement on the soon-to be released model of the iPhone, a huge amount of loyal Apple fans have displayed their disdain at the possibility of the phone not containing a headphone socket. Potential problems have already been highlighted, as customers would have to throw away expensive headphones they have already bought specifically to coincide with their apple music or downloaded iTunes. It would mean many customers would have to start again and pay money out for a second time. Apple officials have claimed that the non-inclusion of the socket would be a positive thing, as it would enable more room for a bigger battery, it’d be thinner and also more waterproof. The Fast Company reported Apple would rely on the lightning port for the sound output, which would obviously interfere with charging. This would mean that consumers will not be able to listen to music and charge their phone.

History Repeats Itself

Apple is renowned for making bold statements as well as taking controversial actions. Often their approach is genius and their leading figures would be enough to portray that- to continually progress and enjoy their realm of the technology industry they are compelled to make changes. They have already made huge transformations to their devices in the past including scrapping the CD/DVD drive on their Macbooks, removing the USB port and floppy disc drives but this has never stalled their reigning success. They’re evidently not shy to enduring the painful period in order to make cutting-edge technology, this transition could be for the better. But many customers will still hold anguish towards the change of the charger port made in 2012. Loyal brand users would have forked out for speakers, docking stations, spare chargers and more for the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 but the next model completely changed the charger meaning that customers would need to buy adaptors to make any of their old accessories useful. Could they once again disregard customer’s requests and make a gigantic modification sure to cost many people who have already paid big money on expensive headphones.

A New Era

The change could mean some innovative changes as everyone would be able to sport wireless headphones or enjoy high quality from the lightning port. Another option could be to take to Bluetooth headphones that have already proved popular. As times continue to evolve it seems that wires are being ditched and consumers no longer need to worry about untangling their endless knots.

Many will await the news from Apple before taking it as gospel and of course it will be interesting to see how the retailing giants react to the 300,000 that have actively gone out of their way to halt their plans.

How Voucher Codes Could Save You Money On Technology

With the continuous development of laptops, Internet hosting, consoles and computers, it’s important that you find the best deals before committing to your purchase.

Technology Vouchers

Ordering brand new software or hardware is no insouciant action; it’s one that has to be approached accordingly. So how do you go about shopping online for a new laptop, tablet or software etc.?


  • Don’t take advantage of the first price you see, shop around first
  • Discover promotional codes and other ways to save on your transaction
  • Do thorough reviews online before picking the model you wish to use
  • Be sure that the hardware or software is relevant to what you require




Apple has become increasingly dominant in the industry and their MacBooks are no exception. There are a number of variations, and shoppers can now embrace their deals with fantastic Apple promo codes at My Favourite Voucher Codes. Get hold of the Retina Display, Pro, Air and some of the other models. You can get a 13 Inch or 15 and there also more compact books easy to put away and travel with.


Get £50 Off MacBook’s at Currys

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Voucher Codes



If you are a gamer and want to look for the latest consoles then now would be a great time to do so. With news at E3 about Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox all gearing up for new releases you may just be able to reduce your costs.


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Web & Hosting


As the realm of the Internet makes exponential growth many merchants understand the continued importance of gaining an online presence. Getting your business online makes a huge difference to sales, professionalism and accessibility. With this said- it’s quite obvious that the appropriate steps need to be taken before acquiring your website. One of the very first stages is to capitalise on appropriate domains. Once that is done you may wish to get hosting and get your website live! Find offers on hosting and domains with the promotions highlighted below.


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Regardless of which category of technology you are seeking, there are endless deals and options available via voucher codes. Utilising these safe and easy options are made simple, so visit voucher code websites before buying your new laptop, PC, software or hosting.

Hardware Specs for Upcoming Game Consoles

Gamers were treated to a flurry of astounding announcements recently as Microsoft revealed they will release two new consoles by 2017, Nintendo will be treating us to the NX and Sony told the public about their launch of the PS4 Neo.

Many console enthusiasts have been overwhelmed with the recent news and it’s becoming increasingly tough to choose between the ever-improving machines, but no-doubt there will be plenty of loyal fans that will stick to their guns and stay true to either the PlayStation or Xbox. With that said, the latest Nintendo should not be overlooked either and often fans of both Sony and Microsoft indulge in some of the classics of Nintendo.


What’s The News?

Sony executives treated fans with the news of the PS4 Neo, before revealing that an upgrade of the PS4 will emerge in 2017. It didn’t take long until Microsoft bestowed their intentions for improvement with the launch of not one but two new consoles. The first version will be a more compact edition of the Xbox One with a new controller and a 4k Blu-ray player. Nintendo took to E3 with the news of the NX that will be available to purchase in March 2017.


Console Improvements


SonyPlayStation 4 Neo

  • PS4 Neo is also known as the PS4.5 and will be bringing upgrades to their hardware specs to ensure greater graphics.
  • It has a clock speed of 2.1GHz vs the old speed of 1.6GHz.
  • The old PS4 ran on 800MHz whilst the newer PS4.5 runs on 36 components and 911 MHz also using GDDR5.
  • 4K resolution support hence the alternative PS4 Moniker (none 4K games will be upscaled so there is no worry there either).
  • Runs faster with fewer framerate tears.
  • No games will be exclusive to this new console, so games can be played on both PS4 and PS4 Neo
  • The inclusion of PSVR


MicrosoftX- Box One Slim

  • The X Box One S is the version coming out this year.
  • Now supports 4K for Blu-ray.
  • Processing power has been boosted.
  • One controller is included despite previous reports.
  • It sports a sleek design and is 40% smaller than the original X Box One.
  • It has compact built in power supply meaning you no longer have that bulky power supply.
  • High dynamic range support for all Blu-rays.


X Box Scorpio

  • The new edition being brought to us in 2017.
  • Will have an 8 core CPU.
  • The Nvidia GEForce GTX 1070 has a graphics card with 6TFLOPs.
  • It’ll also have 320gb/s of memory bandwidth.
  • Will upscale games to 4k like the PS4 Neo.
  • This console is made for VR.


NintendoNintendo NX

  • Will be released in March 2017.
  • Have re-released a version of Zelda.
  • Less buttons and a different design.
  • Their representatives have expressed that they concentrate more on entertainment than solely on specs and much of the console has been left to our imagination.


X-Box, PlayStation or Nintendo?

Many gaming advocates will be left torn between the three after the recent news. It’s certainly a lot to digest in one sitting and many may wish to browse through the different specs and game releases before committing. One thing is for certain, they are all improving and will be making huge upgrades to the current generation of their consoles. X-Box made two announcements with the Scorpio being released in 2017 and it seems evident that it’s that console that will be going head to head with the PS4.5/Neo whilst the X-Box sleeker version being released soon is a new design with a slightly higher-powered processor too. Nintendo NX are yet to reveal much as they unveiled their latest console, but there’s already been great reviews from those that attended E3 with many applauding the work they have done to a timeless classic in Zelda.

Flash Player is Dead, but Adobe Investors Shouldn’t Even Mourn It

For the past six years Adobe Flash Player has been dying a slow death and to no shock of the owners, they look to have had their day.

Apple produced their fate many years ago when they withdrew from using the Flash Player on some of their devices and now Google have confirmed what we already knew would happen by updating and changing their software and internet browser- Google Chrome.


Software Graveyard

Apple v Flash Player

Technology geeks have been intrigued about the on-going debate between Apple and Flash Player for some years, in fact those ‘in-the-know’ may have seen this day coming over six years ago. In this time there have been a number of times representatives have spoke out against one another. Flash Player claimed that Apple were a closed system and in so many words were accusing the brand giants of monopolising certain aspects of modern technology. It didn’t take long for them to bait a response from Steve Jobs and his team at the time as he listed several reasons that it no longer made sense for the software to be used on iPhones, iPads and iPods. There were more than just a few legit reasons as he expressed that the software and coding struggles to keep up the speed and the lack of updates or modernisation means it is falling behind. When considering the Internet and numerous video sources that people now use on a daily basis it just couldn’t keep up. The legendary Steve Jobs went on to conclude that Flash Player was for the PC era and is no longer needed.


Reasons Flash Player Has No Future

It’s a new domain and one their old versions can no longer sustain. The game has changed and there are many reasons that Adobe can no longer run the software for videos on many devices. They are simply not fast enough, drain battery and don’t work well with many different formats and sources.


Computer Man


Google Ended Their Run

As continuous developments are made on a daily basis when it comes to technology, the Internet and multiple devices, it was always obvious that eventually the final nail would be put in the coffin. It just so happened that it was Google that carried it out. How did they do this? Well, they changed the format of the Google Chrome browser meaning they no longer utilise Flash Player. This is huge because Chrome last year was announced as the most-used browser, trumping Internet Explorer to the top.

Investors and owners of Flash Player accepted their destiny with this bloody suffering and have the realisation that their energy should be focused elsewhere. Google have sealed their fate and now many consumers may have noticed just the odd security update with little else happening with Flash Player. It’s not time to mourn the death of this once influential software as it had its time and many may have seen this coming.