Month: January 2020

What is the best Battlefront II DLC? 0 (0)

If EA can be criticised for one thing with 2015’s reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront series, it’s that there was too much reliance on purchasing costly downloadable content in addition to the game in order to gain an adequate gaming experience. It then looked like EA were going the same way with 2017’s Battlefront II when there was a furore about microtransactions and loot boxes, which they have since said they’ve learnt from. So it’s refreshing to see that in the past year-or-so, the developers have added quite a bit of new content to the game all for free. So what are the latest additions, and what so far have been the best updates?

Hello Felucia

EA have recently announced their ‘roadmap’ for the next few months, telling fans what to expect in the build-up for the newest Star Wars film: The Rise of Skywalker. Coming up in September will be two new game modes – a co-op PvE mode and the single player Instant Action – as well as a new reinforcement, the Clone Commando, and a new map: Felucia. Unless you’re a Star Wars die-hard you’ll be forgiven for not recognising the name of that planet nor any pictures of it, as it very briefly featured in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith as well as five Clone Wars episodes. Now though it’s getting its Battlefront bow, and rumour has it that the map will be used for Capital Supremacy. 

So with all that great content to look forward to, as well as the other awesome bits of DLC that didn’t come with the original game, getting your hands on a copy of Battlefront II is already looking like a good piece of business. But thanks to sites like My Favourite Voucher Codes, you can make that even better. They have discount codes for a whole host of gaming retailers such as 365 Games and Argos, meaning you can get your hands on a copy of the game for a ridiculously cheap price, as well as finding discounts for all the other tech you require too.

Lasting Jedi

The first introduction to DLC was with the Last Jedi season, arriving at the same time as the highly-anticipated Episode VIII film. Arriving to the pantheon of characters were Resistance hero Finn and the First Order’s Captain Phasma, both of whom featured in the Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Also arriving was a space map over D’Qar and a Galactic Assault map on Crait, a planet which made its debut in the eight edition of the Skywalker Saga. However, for the fans who had played and enjoyed the fun but short story mode, the most exciting inclusion had to be Resurrection, an additional three-chapter campaign which continued Iden Versio’s story. 

Ridin’ Solo

Coinciding with the release of the critically successful but low-attended Solo: A Star Wars Story, the second season of Battlefront II DLC was released. The highlight of the content was the return of game mode Extraction and the map of Jabba’s Palace, as well as the inclusion of the Kessel spice mine map, as seen for the first time in the 2018 film. Also included were new character skins for Han and Lando featuring the likenesses of Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover – they really help to ground those to recasts into the Star Wars universe.

Whilst the film didn’t reach as big an audience as Lucasfilm would have expected, this season is a welcome addition to the game with Extraction, as it offers a completely different mode to what else Battlefront was offering at the time. Having the Kessel map included in the game so soon after the film was released harked back to the trend in the mid 00’s of tie-in games being released at the same time as their big screen counterparts, meaning you could watch the film then go home and play the game.

Clones and Clones and Clones and…

The Clone Wars season has been by far the biggest DLC of the lot. As well as confirming the introduction of Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker as Jedi, they also brought balance to the force by including Count Dooku and General Grievous too. And if that wasn’t enough, they introduced a map from the planet Geonosis as well as a new game mode to go with it: Capital Supremacy. To coincide with the new mode, new maps for Kashyyyk and Kamino were also released. In addition, a new ‘infiltrator’ class was introduced for some game modes, and the hotly-anticipated droidekas were also released. Take a look at this clip to see them in action.

So there’s been so much released. And with a bit more to come, playing Battlefront II is getting better day by day. If you don’t already have it, you’re missing out.

3 Gadgets That’ll Help Your Workflow (And 2 That Won’t) 0 (0)

Technology can be a wonderful thing. It can make our lives easier and make us more focused at work and more creative in our endeavours. However, technology can be a hindrance in equal measure. With everything useful there’s usually something else that’s been created explicitly to waste time. So what’s out there to improve your workflow? And what’s out there that could distract you? Let’s find out.

Wacom Graphics Tablets

If you’re an artist, then this will really improve your productivity. With everything going digital now, sometimes it can be a bit of a faff drawing everything manually, then scanning it in, uploading it to a graphics editor, re-touch lines and colouring it. Working straight from a graphics tablet can help you cut out the middleman and go direct to the source. By hand-drawing direct to your computer, it means you have a great range of customisation as everything would be a vector graphic set in different layers, instead of a flat scanned image. There are a huge range of graphics tablets out there to suit all needs and budgets, and they are available at places such as Currys-PC World. And if you wanted to get your hands on one for less, then you can’t do much better than visiting Promo Codes For. They have a whole host of discount vouchers for retailers like Currys-PC World, as well as Laptops Direct and Apple, so you can get better value on all your tech products.

The Freewrite Traveler

If you’re a writer then there’s a good chance you’ve probably needed one of these before. A Freewrite Traveler is basically a mini laptop with a small screen, but it only allows you to do one thing: type. It is marketed as a ‘distraction-free’ writer’s device, which is useful for when you have a tight deadline or want to get on with mashing the keyboard with your words without having the means to access Facebook, Twitter or your emails on the regular. Currently in its IndieGoGo phase, the product has attracted over £500,000 worth of interest so far, so it’s certainly a tool than many writers think they’ll find useful. Check it out for yourself.

The Google Stadia

Because Google looked at the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch and went ‘nah’, they’ve decided to create the Google Stadia, a cloud gaming service. Launching in November, the platform won’t have any physical console but will be available through Google Chrome, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and Chromecast. Whilst being entirely digital, Stadia will work like the PS Store rather than something like Netflix, in the sense that you’ll have to purchase each individual item rather than paying a subscription fee to have access to everything. There will be a basic free plan available, but also there is a premium $10 a month service where you have higher streaming rates, discounts for some games, and a library of free games that will grow over time.

So what games will be available? Well on initial release there will be some titles that have already been released on other platforms such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Mortal Kombat 11, and in the pipeline there’ll be titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel’s Avengers, both due out in mid-2020.

Ultimate Quizzes

Have your headphones in? Good, you’re going to need them. If you’re looking for the ultimate distraction from work, then why not stretch your film music knowledge by playing the Movie Music Quiz? Choose between a number of different difficulty modes, genres and decades to make it as hard or as easy as you like. However, if you’re more of a geography bod, test your knowledge on the world’s countries, cities and flags with Seterra Online.

So now you have the choice. Do you choose productivity or procrastination? The choice is yours.