10 Best UK-based Domain Services Review


10 Best UK-based Domain Services Review


When buying a domain, it can be hard to choose a provider, so here’s a handy review of the ten best UK-based domain services. There are an enormous number of options available on the internet and you always want to be sure you’re making the best choice for you and your business/website. You don’t want to go for a service which will not fit within your budget or which will not be as comprehensive as you’d hoped! So without further ado, here are the top ten picks.


1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Logo

GoDaddy are one of the biggest names in the web hosting world and a lot of people will think to turn to them first. They’re a good choice and theY do the job well for many people. They may be an American business, but they have UK-based division, with UK-based servers and a UK-based support line, giving them a good appeal in the UK.


Their pricing packages start as low as £4.99 per month and go up from there. If you want to use them to build your website that’s an option and if you want marketing tools from them, that’s an option too. Basically, there’s a reason they’re so popular – their service is tremendous.


2. Eco Web Hosting

Eco Web Hosting

Now for a smaller business: Eco Web Hosting may not be as big as GoDaddy, but this is by no means an indicator of a lower quality service. What makes them especially appealing is the fact that their service is 100% carbon neutral. With more and more people becoming conscious of the environment every day, Eco Web Hosting are likely to be very popular.


With a five-star customer support service and handy tools for website design, Eco Web Hosting offers a comprehensive package. Pricing starts as low as £2.99 per month, making them the perfect people to turn to if you’re on a rather limited budget!


3. 123-Reg

123-Reg logo

123-Reg is another of those bigger, better known domain services. In fact, 123-Reg is one of the best known web hosting services in the UK! With options for building sites, a very handy customer support line and a range of different sized packages, you can see why so many people like them.


If you’re after a simple domain which ends “.website” you can get one for as little as 99p per month from 123-Reg! But, of course, they also offer “.com”, “.uk”, “.co.uk” and more (all at different prices) so you can get for whichever one you feel provides the best reflection of your business. Often they offer “Buy One Get One Free” deals and other money-saving promotions which will be very handy to those wanting budget prices.


4. Web Hosting UK

Web Hosting UK

Web Hosting UK offer a service which is designed to accommodate as many people as possible. They offer a huge range of bundles which come fully integrated with a range of blogging platforms, from WordPress to Drupal. Then with their shopping cart integration and web security features, you can see how this service is very comprehensive indeed.


They offer this service for £11.99 per month, which is a very good deal when you consider the wealth of features they offer. It’s a slightly more advanced pack and definitely something which will appeal to anybody who already has their own site (they do transfers) or who is taking an established business online for the first time.


5. PoundHost


If you’re looking to buy a domain, you might also be looking to buy a server of your own. After all, having the server close at hand might be a lot more useful than having it at some far off, removed office. If that’s the kind of package you’re looking for, then you should definitely give PoundHost a try.


With a range of domains, servers and more available, PoundHost has a very broad appeal. They offer a large range of prices for their huge range of services, meaning that PoundHost will appeal to a lot of different people.


6. Names.co.uk


Names.co.uk is another of those especially comprehensive hosting services. They offer domains, sell servers, cover email addresses and provide a range of business tools too. This is definitely the hosting service for professional and business-oriented site owners!


What helps to make this even more appealing is the fact that their pricing is very fair and as affordable as possible. When buying different packages from Names.co.uk, you stand to save up to £265. So be sure to turn to them when you want take your business up to the next level by giving yourself a professional internet presence.


7. UK Host4u

UK Host4u

UK Host4u is another great choice for a UK web hosting service. With a useful website building tool available for anybody who wants to get their site off the ground in a hurry and the option for integration with existing sites, UK Host4u has a broad appeal.


With web hosting services from only £3.99 a month, you can see that this is one service which almost anybody could afford. They offer 24-hour support, which means that should you have a problem with your site at any time of day, they’ve got your back. But even if you don’t like the service, they have a 30 day money back guarantee, which basically means you have nothing to lose!


8. Easily.co.uk

Easily logo

With a name like “Easily” you’d expect a nice, smooth service and that’s exactly what you’ll get if you go for Easily.co.uk! Easily.co.uk offer a whole host of services which will be very useful for anybody in the market for some web hosting. From email coverage to SSL certification, Easily’s packages include a lot of things!


Whether you’re trying to make an eCommerce website or just want to make your blog a little more professional, Easily cover all bases. You can integrate with WordPress or you can use their software to start selling online. If you like the sound of them but are already with somebody else, you can even transfer your other domains over! An excellent service.


9. Register 365

Register 365

Another nice, simple service for any first time domain buyers! Having said that, I would hate to imply that more advanced users wouldn’t be able to make use of what they have to offer. Whether you want a dedicated server, email coverage or even specialised business tools, Register 365 will have you covered.


With prices as low as €1.99 per month and many of their domain packages including free extras, Register 365 is certainly a very appealing web hosting service! With a dedicated support team and an easy renewal system, you have a lot of reasons to turn to Register 365.


10. Easyspace


Easyspace are another hosting service who pride themselves on making the whole process as easy for users as possible. With domains, cloud servers, email hosting and more Easyspace are quite a comprehensive service which are well worth looking into.


Their domains come as cheap as £5.19 per annum, which is a pretty fantastic deal. Perhaps one of the best people to turn to if you’re on a strict budget! But with such a range of services available from them, they’re worth turning to even if you can afford more, because they have more.



So I hope that gives you a good idea of the options available to you when the time comes to buy your own domain. People need web hosting from all kinds of different positions and everybody is going to need something a little different. Check back at Pugs Code regularly for more techie posts from your favourite Perl 6 programming language software dedicated website!


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